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Top 10 Cloudflare Competitors and Similar Companies [2023]

Cloudflare is a USA-based company that offers DDoS attack mitigation and content delivery network (CDN) solutions. This company’s solutions are designed for safer, faster, and more reliable connectivity.

Cloudflare protects the client’s websites, applications, and APIs. It ensures the client’s web applications are running flawlessly and well-protected against all kinds of security threats.

Clients can also use Cloudflare’s products to safeguard their internal resources, such as behind-the-firewall devices, applications, and teams.

Solutions Offered by Cloudflare

This company is providing many products and solutions and some renowned ones include the following:

  • Protection for web portals and applications

Cloudflare has proven that it can effectively stop and prevent DDoS attacks. It can block bad bots to keep your applications and APIs safe against attackers. It has the potential to monitor and block browser supply chain attacks and suspicious payloads.

Its DDoS protection does not block legitimate traffic. However, it can filter up to 86 billion threats in a day. It makes your websites, APIs, and applications much safer and more reliable.

Therefore, many companies and businesses chose this company’s security solutions.

  • It boosts the performance of websites and applications

Every person seeks fast and satisfying solutions, especially when searching online. Cloudflare guarantees impeccable security measures and better performance.

It assures application availability, well-optimized web experience, faster performance, and reach to new countries. You can also get visitors from China if you are targeting a tech-savvy Asian audience.

  • Cloudflare Zero Trust

This product eliminates risks, reduces complexity, and improves visibility whenever employees connect to the internet and applications they need.

Professionals can access self-hosted SaaS apps without any trouble. Many enterprises have invested in this product and admired its performance.

Other services, such as Secure Workforces, network protection, application development, cloud deployment support, etc. make Cloudflare one of the best DDoS mitigation companies.

It resolves some major issues faced by web-based enterprises, but it’s not the only option. Many other companies offer similar products and services.

Learn about the top 10 Cloudflare competitors to know which are the leading DDoS and content delivery networks in the world.

Top 10 Cloudflare Competitors and Alternatives

1. Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Akamai Technologies, Inc. is one of the leading cybersecurity, CDN, and cloud service companies in the world. It was established in 1998 by a group of scientists and business professionals.

Akamai’s intelligent Edge Platform has become one of the most trusted distributed computing platforms in the world.

This company got a network of servers across the globe. It rents those servers to clients willing to improve the performance of their websites. 

Akamai’s mapping system applies cutting-edge algorithms, including consistent hashing and stable matching to offer faster web downloads. This firm offers cutting-edge security and DDoS mitigation solutions to offer a safer web browsing experience.

Many experts believe Akamai is the world’s most reliable CDN and DDoS mitigating service provider. It is competing with Cloudflare and other companies offering similar services.

Cloudflare has emerged as a more budget-friendly alternative to Akamai and it has a much larger network of servers!

Cloudflare Competitors Akamai Technologies, Inc

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2. Fastly

Fastly is offering a powerful edge cloud network to help clients create, deliver, and protect their websites and applications. Its CDN services are chosen by some renowned business enterprises, such as Reddit and Spotify.

This company has helped its clients maintain impressively fast content delivery while entertaining millions of users.

Fastly impresses clients with the configuration levels it offers. Clients get complete control over how the content is served to customers. This company also offers a set of cutting-edge tools to craft the most cutting-edge applications.

Developers rely on this platform to develop apps optimized for security, speed, and scaling. This company provides tools and technologies to reduce business costs and protect customer data against all sorts of online threats.

This company promises and delivers faster solutions. However, the setup is not as user-friendly as Cloudflare offers. Therefore, Fastly is not always the first choice of clients seeking a top-class content delivery network!

Cloudflare Competitors Fastly

3. StackPath

This company provides an edge computing platform. Its content delivery network service has improved significantly since it acquired MaxCDN. Today, StackPath competes with the world’s leading CDN service providers.

This company provides CDN with comprehensive inbuilt capabilities to overcome the toughest delivery challenges. It offers sophisticated methods to manage asset optimization and improve content protection.

StackPath’s CDN configuration tools and features allow you to optimize the smallest details. Users also get support to develop unique features, functionalities, and flows.

Whether the client is seeking solutions for website acceleration, faster large file delivery, or content customization, StackPath provides it.

This company has established numerous data centers across the globe. It served clients to significantly reduce the loading speed of their websites, applications, and other programs.

Besides, it offers a private EdgeSSL certificate for free with the premium package.

Easy set-up and user-friendly interface help clients assess real-time analytics. Many companies chose StackPath for DDoS mitigation, load balancing, and flawless CDN service.

Cloudflare Competitors Stack Path

4. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon Web Services offer Amazon CloudFront, which is a content delivery network. This company has established a network of proxy services distributed across the globe.

These servers play an important role in accelerating the content access speed for streaming and downloading content.

Suppose a user is trying to download bulky media, such as movies, can fetch data from a nearly located server for faster downloads. 

Amazon CloudFront is competing with Cloudflare to grab more clients seeking fast and secure CDN. It has established servers across Europe, Australia, Asia, the USA, South America, and Africa.

It had more than 205 edge locations in 2020. Clients use CloudFront’s services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Cloudflare offers a package of CDN, Fast DNS, unmetered DDoS protection, and several other services.

Therefore, many clients choose Cloudflare over CloudFront.

Cloudflare Competitors Amazon CloudFront

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5. Google Cloud CDN

Google launched Google Cloud CDN in 2016 and immediately drew the attention of its cloud service users. It makes the setup extremely simple because it takes only two steps to form a new load balancer.

It offers a simple guide to help newbies utilize their CDN more effectively. This company’s CDN servers are located on more than 100 points.

It offers origin and backend support. Users can use any HTTP-capable origin, cloud storage, compute engine, or Google Kubernetes Engine Backends to access the content.

It allows users to configure caching behavior to have fine-tuned controls over TTLs, cache keys, and other associated features.

Both Cloudflare CDN and Google Cloud CDN offer free SSL and Dedicated SSL, but Google does not offer Full SSL. Besides, Cloudflare has over 250 data center to enable faster downloads.

Therefore, many companies prefer Cloudflare CDN over Google Cloud CDN! 

Cloudflare Competitors Google Cloud CDN

6. KeyCDN

On a mission to simplify content delivery, KeyCDN is extremely affordable and user-friendly. These two features have made KeyCDN a major competitor to top CDN companies. Experts recommend this company to all first-time users.

It provides 25GB without seeking payment details as a user registers. It provides a flawlessly-crafted dashboard to create the first zone in a few steps.

Users get a comprehensive guide on how to integrate the service with online apps and major content management systems. Besides, this CDN offers full support for IPv6!

Users can pick a KeyCDN server to use for updates and decrease the loading time. It also offers tools to customize strip cookies, and headers, and develop a tailored robot.txt.

There are advanced reporting tools that help the user monitor CDN performance live. Users can blacklist selected domains, block referrers, and get several other features to operate their platforms smoothly.

All the described features make KeyCDN an excellent choice to reduce server load, boost the website’s loading speed, and deploy better security features.

Cloudflare Competitors KeyCDN

7. Microsoft Azure CDN

Microsoft launched Azure (a cloud computing platform) in 2010. The Azure team has consistently improved performance and services to attract more clients. The Azure CDN is a globally distributed network of servers that help clients deliver content rapidly.

Microsoft’s CDN improves responsiveness and saves bandwidth when distributing firmware updates, gaming software, and IoT endpoints. It is designed to minimize the load times of mobile applications, websites, and videos streamed live on various streaming services.

You may like to use Azure CDN if you are already using the cloud services offered by this platform. It is also quite useful for developers, who like PowerShell management and .Net features.

New users get a free subscription for the first 12 months after signing up. Cloudflare won’t offer such freebies and that’s why many new users choose Azure CDN over Cloudflare CDN!

Cloudflare Competitors Microsoft Azure CDN

8. Medianova CDN

Medianova got a team of skilled professionals, loyal clients, and smart technology to address the biggest issues companies face today. 

It is on a mission to develop a content delivery network that’s readily accessible to all users. Clients get 24/7 support from this CDN provider to access all features without any issue.

This company is serving clients across 20 countries. Its 53 data centers have been located in many countries across the world. It currently handles 9 million songs, 8 billion images, and 11 million videos per day.

It is serving streaming platforms to provide uninterrupted content delivery regularly. Medianova CDN has gained a reputation for delivering content at lightning-fast speed.

That’s why it entertains over 30 million unique users per day. It is not as popular as top CDN companies are. However, it’s one of the fastest-growing CDN service providers in the world.

Cloudflare Competitors Medianova CDN

9. CachFly

Initiated its journey as in 1999, CacheFly is one of the oldest CDN providers. It used to offer file distribution services for small software developers. It didn’t invest a lot in marketing, but it had more than 15000 hostnames by 2016.

Clients, who used CachFly’s services admired its support and recommended this CDN service to others. It launched media services with adaptive streaming, progressive downloads, transmuxing, and transcoding in 2016.

With the rapid growth in digital companies, CacheFly became a reliable content delivery network platform for many large and small companies. A user-friendly interface, advanced customization features, and cutting-edge security features make CacheFly CDN quite reliable.

Cloudflare Competitors CacheFly

10. Leaseweb

It is a Dutch cloud computing company that operates across Europe, North America, and Asia. This company is a subsidiary of OCOM, which is an Amsterdam-based internet service company.

It serves mainly businesses seeking powerful CDN with no flaws. Leaseweb’s enterprise-level operation makes it perfect for business users across many countries.

There is no information on Leaseweb CDN pricing because it offers customization plans for each client. As observed by existing clients, the cheapest CDN package also includes top-end security features. This company guarantees complete security of the clients’ data and their customers’ data.

If you choose Leaseweb CDN, it will offer a dashboard filled with options that you won’t get anywhere else. This company has been around since 1997, but it has only 19 data centers.

Therefore, it is nowhere near Cloudflare when it comes to comparing network performance and service. 

Cloudflare Competitors Leaseweb