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HERE’S How Makes Money in 2023 [Full Business Model]

Finding an experienced and reliable person to take care of kids, seniors, pets, or houses can be a daunting task. Families need professional nannies, dog walkers, housekeeping services, and tutors quite often. 

What if someone is new in the town and requires instant support? What’s the fastest way of finding the best service provider? It is! This platform has served families in finding the most reliable service providers in their town at the most budget-friendly prices. 

Continue reading to learn from the business model. This post reveals what this web portal does and how it generates profit. 

What is is a dedicated platform to find reliable childcare, senior care, pet care, special needs care, housekeeping, and tutoring service providers. This platform was established to serve families with children, seniors, and pets. This two-sided marketplace became quite popular among families seeking well-experienced and dependable professionals for the job. 

This company operates from Austin, Texas and its additional offices are located in Berlin, Germany. Since this platform caters to the needs of common families, it got 32.9 million members from 20 countries. 

Over 150 business organizations provide’s services as employee benefits. MNCs, such as Google and Facebook also use this platform’s services to offer a tension-free environment to work. 

This company went public in 2014, but it had already gained $111 million in venture capital. IAC bought this firm in February 2020 and it is not a publically traded company anymore. History is the brainchild of Sheila Lirio Marcelo. She has been the vice-president and general manager of She has also supported the development of Upromise, a college savings site. 

Being an entrepreneur, she was looking for a reliable professional nanny to take care of her child. It was a bit difficult and then she thought to establish a platform where families can easily find professionals. 

The journey wasn’t quite tough for because this platform has secured $111 million in funding between 2006 and 2012. Major investors were Trinity Ventures, Matrix Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Institutional Venture Partners, and USAA. 

Marcelo had met the founders of immediately before establishing It was another site designed to find professional caregivers. waited for months to gain investment, but Matrix Partners didn’t show interest. Therefore, Marcelo founded and she had raised $3.5 million in Series A funding.  

The Boston Globe had claimed that Marcelo had collected information from many companies to establish People had also claimed that Matrix Partners rejected other startups to fund Marcelo’s business ideas. The equity investment fund spokesperson denied any allegations of unfair treatment. was founded in 2007 to help clients hire professional tutors, babysitters, pet sitters, and senior care professionals. Besides, this platform also offered support to find special needs care and housekeeping services. 

It allowed users to publish posts to find professional caregivers. Basic members could make job posts. Premium members could join this platform on monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions and gain full access to’s services. 

It became a go-to choice for caregivers to find job opportunities. Many babysitters, caregivers, and pet sitters enrolled on and applied for job openings. This company has provided the babysitting rate calculator to assess the right payment before hiring professionals. 

This company was initially operating in the USA but later started offering its services in the UK, Canada, and 18 more countries. It has added several new products with time to serve clients better for their needs. 

Tim Allen was an IAC executive before it acquired Now Tim serves as the CEO of and he is committed to expanding the company’s services in new regions. 

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How Does Operate?

This platform is operating as a two-sided marketplace. Both caregivers and care seekers use this platform without too much intervention from moderators. Let’s reveal how caregivers and care seekers run this platform:


Caregivers are individuals or companies that offer caretaking support to residents in selected regions. Individuals find it quite beneficial because they can operate as freelance service providers through They use this platform to operate as part-time or full-time caretaking service providers. 

It requires a little marketing to find frequent clients because many caregivers might be operating in the same region. Caretaking service providing agencies have also registered to They use this platform to promote their business in the local region and grow faster.  

Care Seekers (Families)

Many families in the USA and across the globe are using to find the best caregivers. People looking for specific caregivers subscribe to this platform to discover the leading service providers in their region. 

It requires providing detailed requirements. Pre-screened professionals are provided to families so that they can pick the right candidate for the job. The caregiver gets the work notification and communicates with the family once all formalities are done. carefully screens service providers to maintain the trust of premium clients. 

Value Creation provides convenience, accessibility, brand status and reduces risk. It is currently offering several services families seek to take care of their property and loved ones. This platform promises reliable caregivers and service providers to draw more premium clients. 

This company has acquired many businesses, such as Citrus Lane, Kinsights, Parents in a Pinch, Besser Betreut, and Breedlove & Associates. These acquisitions have helped diversify its portfolio and add more services to its service catalog. 

  • Child Care: This platform offers support for in-home care, focused care, and out-of-home childcare.  
  • Senior/Adult Care: Families get support for personal care, companion care, and Alzheimer’s care. It’s the best platform to find a companion to ensure older family members are safe and healthy. 
  • Pet Care: Providing pet sitters, dog walkers, grooming, boarding, and training experts. 
  • Home Care: Providing comprehensive support with the help of top-skilled and licensed professionals. Families can use to find housekeepers, errand runners, house sitters, and professionals to organize events. 
  • Along with the above-listed services, is also providing:
  • Workplace Solutions: Offering a variety of care solutions for single and married employees to take care of their loved ones, seniors, and pets. 
  • Recruiting Solutions: It promotes care-related businesses to help clients find reliable caregivers in the region. Those businesses include senior care facilities, childcare facilities, pet care services, etc. 
  • Business Marketing Support: It helps care-related businesses expand their service area and entertain new clients. takes the struggle out of the equation when service seekers look for caregivers or vice versa. Whenever a client publishes a job requirement in the selected category, he/she will certainly get many options in caregivers. It may hardly take three days to receive several applications from professionals.

Caregivers on the other hand can find part-time or full-time jobs matching their work profile. Thus, it becomes convenient for both parties to access one another through this platform. 

This platform has become a renowned brand in the USA and many other countries. It claims to be the world’s leading platform for finding family care services. Over 22 million members across 20 countries make it one of a kind marketplace in this industry. Now, most clients trust caregivers if he/she belongs to People happily hire professionals through this platform because they trust in this brand! 

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How Does Generate Its Revenue?

This platform generates its revenue through the following sources:

Care services

This platform offers premium membership plans to families and caregivers. It provides monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription options. Suppose a caregiver subscribes to the premium service, his/her profile can get ranked higher. It will appear on search results more frequently and chances of getting hired will be much higher. 

A premium subscription for a family means better capabilities. They can use this platform to quickly get pre-screened caregivers. They can communicate directly with caregivers after assessing their work profiles. It assures a long-lasting relationship between two parties through a secure channel. HomePay

It is a household payroll service. This platform provides premium services to homeowners and charges $175 quarterly for providing a single household employee. If the client wants an additional employee, it charges $75 more for the support. 

It is beneficial for homeowners looking for tax payroll management tools and support to file taxes. Many people have enrolled for HomePay and they are certainly finding it beneficial. 

Workplace Solutions had started its workplace solution as an employment program. It was intended for companies willing to take care of their employees’ demands. It allows employees of selected companies to reduce fees charged by and use all the offered services. 

Both companies and employees pay this platform when they access its services. Many employees have switched to since it started offering workplace solutions. 

Business Services

Some may see it like is increasing its competition, but this platform also promotes caretaking companies. It offers a platform to find new clients, recruit new employees, and advertise its services. It charges fees for promotion and using its platform and these paid ads and job searches add to’s revenue. 

Key Channels

This platform mainly operates through its official website to entertain all the subscribers, visitors, and service seekers. However, it also got a direct sales team that advertises its additional services. This platform got top-skilled individuals to market and run recruiting solutions, workplace solutions, and business marketing platforms. is using social media channels, TV/radio ads, and other online channels to promote its services. It gains thousands of new members every year. Those members play an important role in increasing this platform’s revenue and reach in new regions. 

How Does Maintain Customer Loyalty? facilitates licensed and experienced caregivers. Families trust this platform for its screening process. Therefore, it became the largest platform to bring families and caregivers together. 

When it comes to resolving customer issues, offers a limited time interaction between its employees and customers. The customer can ask queries related to services, caregivers, subscriptions, etc. and get instant answers. 

This platform got millions of loyal customers because it provides cost-effective and trustworthy support. Both full-time and part-time caregivers are operating as a freelance service provider in the USA because they got to find new work opportunities. Families can get detailed information on the shortlisted professionals before hiring them. So, it’s beneficial for both parties. Since both parties benefit through this platform, they don’t switch to competitors. 

Conclusion has served millions of customers during the last one and a half-decade. It became the largest firm in the caretaking service industry. Its cost-effective subscription plans allure regular visitors to become premium members. They can exploit all the resources this platform offers after subscribing to a premium plan. constantly promotes its premium services and feature new platforms to find better support. Therefore, it is thriving smoothly and it may reach many new countries in upcoming years.