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HERE’S What Happened to Brush Hero After Shark Tank (2023)

Many of you have been wondering what really happened to Brush Hero after Shark Tank! Well, worry not, as we will update you with every bit of information on Brush Hero and its business.

Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer appeared in the 917th episode of Shark Tank. They came to impress the sharks with their business idea and their invention, Brush Hero. Daymond John and Lori Greiner (Sharks) were very much interested in their business idea.

However, they couldn’t come to a common agreement since the inventors were seeking 10 percent equity, while the sharks wanted to have at least 25%. So, unfortunately, Kevin and Glenn had to walk away without a deal.

Nevertheless, Brush Hero has had its share of good business regardless, and it’s still on the run! Are you curious to know what happened on the show, after the show, and the update? Read along to find out all!

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What is Brush Hero?

As the name itself says, ‘Brush,’ Brush Hero is an invention by Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer, first introduced in the show Shark Tank. It is a cleaning tool meant especially for cars, bikes, and bicycles.

It is unlike any other ordinary brush, as the Brush Hero cleans everything literally! From cleaning your car to your bathroom, floors, furniture, this brush will have you covered up real good.

It is designed especially for two-wheelers and four-wheelers, and cleaning with Brush Hero has never gotten better!

What’s good news is that this brush doesn’t use much water. Yay! You see, most buyers get worried before purchasing a cleaner, but with Brush Hero, it’s the perfect deal.

It comes with a quality scrubber that works really fast and efficiently. You will get this incredibly excellent product starting at just $35, and don’t worry about the shipping and etc, as their facility takes full responsibility for it.

Even though they couldn’t get a deal, Brush Hero still flourished after Shark Tank.

Company NameBrush Hero
EntrepreneurKevin Williams and Glenn Archer
ProductCleaning Tool
Investment Asking For$500,000 for 10%
Final Deal
SharkLori Greiner and Daymond John
Business StatusIn Business

Who is the Founder of Brush Hero?

Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer invented and founded Brush Hero. They first introduced the product in the 917th episode on Shark Tank.

They were inspired by the thought to find the gentler way to clean two-wheelers and four-wheelers efficiently. And eventually, ‘car geeks’ as they call themselves, they came up with the idea of Brush Hero!

Their invention got quite the attention from the sharks and even got themselves good deals. However, they couldn’t come to an agreement, and the two walked away empty-handed.

Having said that, the product gained a lot of attention from viewers since the day it got aired. They launched their product early in the market in the year 2015, and after Shark Tank, they have had a commendable business journey ever since.

Even after not getting the deal they wanted, Brush Hero immediately rose to success after the show!

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What was life for Kevin and Glenn before Shark Tank?

Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer invented and founded Brush Hero and have been running the business since 2015.

Kevin was an F-16 pilot who became the corporate executive, and Glenn was a dive boat captain once upon a time. Even before coming to Shark Tank, their business was quite good, with $3 million annual sales.

In 2017, they set out to introduce their invention to the world in Shark Tank and hopefully get a deal from the sharks. However, they didn’t get the investment they wanted and left the show without a deal.

But they had already grabbed the attention of many customers, and right after the show, their business became more successful. They were selling the product more than 500 folds in a day which was a record-breaker compared to their average daily sales.

How was the Shark Tank Pitch of Brush Hero?

Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer came to Shark Tank with the motif to get a deal from the sharks with their business idea. Theirs was a cleaning tool that they invented and founded in the year 2015.

And surprisingly, their business seemed to have been running smoothly since then. However, they wanted a boost to their company and upgraded it to a more significant level.

They present their product, demonstrate and pitch to the investors (Sharks) and seek $500,000 with 10% of their business.

They even let the sharks test and try out the product, to which Lori and Daymond give it a go. Now begins the questioning session and the real deal talk.

The founders say that they use Facebook as a platform to advertise their product, and interestingly they ended up earning a million sales. However, the sharks just disagree with the 10% valuation.

Robert, Mark, and Kevin are the ones whom the duo fails to impress to place a deal on. Daymond doesn’t seem to be much carried away; however, he offers to make an investment of $500,000 for 25%.

Lori catches up to him and offers to make the same investment for the product. But Kevin and Glenn don’t seem to be satisfied with the offers and decline them.

Daymond goes out in the end eventually. Now that Lori is the only investor left, she even offers a $250,000 loan at 7% interest plus $250,000 for 25%. However, with the big dream they have for their business, Kevin and Glenn decide to decline the deal and walk away without it.

But after the show, things really start to change for the two inventors. Their business meets with a boom, and their products start to sell off in no time. And their business has been going smooth till date.

What happened to Brush Hero after Shark Tank?

One might think that after Brush Hero didn’t get the deal Kevin and Glenn wanted, the company or product sale must have dropped instantly. However, you’re mistaken if you think so. In fact, the company got more popularity after the show!

With many people watching the show, their product got so much attention from car and bike lovers, just because it was the perfect cleaning tool for multiple purposes. They started to sell the products in numbers and even broke their own per day record sale!

Even till today, the Brush Hero business has been going smooth, and Kevin and Glenn are as determined as they were from the beginning.

Brush Hero is now a part of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), and it was also named as one of “The 25 Best Gifts for the Car Lover in Your Life” by Car and Driver magazine.

So basically, the point is, life has pretty much been better than good for Kevin and Glenn and their Brush Hero business!

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Brush Hero Shark Tank Update

Both Kevin and Glenn came with a goal of investment from the Sharks. However, both the interested investors and the inventors couldn’t come to an agreement. Unfortunately, they had to walk away without a deal in the end.

Maybe it was unfortunate for Kevin and Glenn and their Brush Hero because something incredible started to happen right after the show.

Their company sales suddenly started to explode, and they were selling off their products in the blink of an eye. It seems they even broke their own sale record by selling 500 fold in a day!

Brush Hero has also been voted or named as one of “The 25 Best Gifts for the Car Lover in Your Life” by Car and Driver magazine. In the year 2021, the company’s annual sale was estimated to be around $6 million. So, has Brush Hero been doing well so far? The answer is heck yes!

Is Brush Hero still in business?

Yes, Brush Hero is very much in business to date.

After their appearance in Shark Tank, although they didn’t get the deal they wanted and had to go empty-handed, their business story never ended there. Right after the show, Brush Hero started to get the attention it deserved.

Of course, their business was always in good shape after the launch in 2015; however, sales really exploded after Shark Tank. They even have partnerships with Costco in USA and Canada.

In the year 2018, they were even voted as one of ‘the 25 best presents for car lovers in your life’ by car and driver magazine. That’s like a great deal! Brush Hero also makes millions when it comes to annual sales.

Brush Hero is a product needed and loved by many. And with more and more people buying cars and bikes every single day, the need for such a tool will never go out of hand and style.

The firm has been doing pretty well, and the future looks sunny as well for Brush Hero!