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HERE’S What Happened to Bottle Bright After Shark Tank (2023)

Seth Friedman and Justin Koehneke appeared on season 6, episode 7 of ABC’s Shark Tank, to pitch their idea for the Bottle bright. 

The mountain biking duo created a tablet that thoroughly cleans all the dirt and grime off a bottle or container. This way, you can keep your bottles clean for as long as you want and always keep them looking brand new. 

Bottle bright is still in business and can be found in stores like Amazon and bed, bath, and beyond. After Shark Tank, the business was purchased by Hydrapak for an amount not revealed to the public. 

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What is Bottle bright?

Imagine you have a metal water bottle that you’ve been using for the past year. Like everything else, the Bottle will get dirty over time and get filled with grime.

But the problem is, you can’t wash the Bottle because the opening is too small for your hands to enter. 

So what do you do? Do you leave the Bottle unwashed and use it nevertheless? Or do you buy a new water bottle? The answer is neither. Instead, you can use Bottle bright!

Bottle Bright is a tablet that cleans out your Bottle from any dirt, dust, or grime and makes it look fresh and brand new.

All you have to do is fill some water into your dirty bottle and then drop the tablet inside. The tablet will then mix with the water and rejuvenate your dirty bottle. 

Let the magic work a few more minutes before rinsing the Bottle until the substance has been washed off. Now you can use your clean and odorless water bottle again without buying a new one.

Who are the founders of Bottle Bright?

Company NameBottle Bright
EntrepreneurSeth Friedman and Justin Koehneke
ProductWater bottle cleaning tablets
Investment asking for$75,000 for 15%
Final Deal$75,000 for 33.3%
SharkLori Greiner
Business statusIn business

Seth Friedman and Justin Koehneke are two friends who used to work in the renewable fuel industry. They are huge mountain biking enthusiasts and often go for long bike rides in the wilderness. 

However, they kept facing one problem that would bother them repeatedly. What’s the problem? Well, dirty water bottles!

You see, they would often use hydration packs or solid drinking containers that are fit for rough and tough use.

However, mountain biking is an outdoor activity that invites a lot of dust that gets into the bottles over time. Eventually, these once clean and shiny bottles become stinky and grimy.

Cleaning the containers in a dishwasher does not fix the problem as the dirtiest parts of the bottle stay untouched. You can’t even manually clean the insides because your hand doesn’t fit through the bottle opening.

You could use bleach, but that invites a ton of chemicals and toxic elements that remain within the bottle. That leaves the final option, buy a new container, only to have it dirty again over time. 

Finally, the duo said enough is enough and came up with an easy solution for dirty water bottles. What’s the solution? Well, it’s Bottle Bright!

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Bottle Bright before Shark Tank

Seth and Justin may be businessmen, but they have a level of humanitarianism within their souls. The duo decided to donate one packet of Bottle bright for each packet they sold in the market. 

The donations would go out to people in underdeveloped countries who have to carry their water in massive jugs.

Often these individuals cannot afford to buy new jugs after it gets dirty. And as we know, thoroughly cleaning these jugs is next to impossible as there are always little corners of dirt that remain untouched. 

So, ultimately these underprivileged people have to make do with carrying their water in dirty and slimy jugs. This allows all kinds of dirt and filth to mix with the water, making it dirty and unhealthy. 

And when this dirty water is consumed or used by people, it becomes detrimental to their health. Many people in such underdeveloped countries develop fatal and long-term diseases due to the consumption of dirty water. 

The duo would sell a pack of Bottle bright containing ten tablets for just about $6-$7. Overall, the price is affordable, and the tablet works wonderfully, ensuring clean and safe to use bottles.

Bottle bright was available in online stores, so the duo appeared in Shark Tank to get some help with retail distribution and cash investment for production. 

How was the Shark Tank Pitch of Bottle Bright?

Seth and Justin finally get the opportunity to come on the show and pitch their idea to the sharks. However, the meeting starts with some minor doubts from the sharks’ perspective.

As the duo presents the bottle bright tablets to the judges, Lori immediately makes an observation that raises some doubts. According to Lori, their product is very similar to Efferdent, a cleanser used to clean dental appliances. 

Seth defends themselves by saying that the product is organic and, unlike Efferdent, doesn’t contain any chemicals. He further adds that bottle bright does not leave behind any odor after the cleaning process. 

Kevin is not impressed; he doubts whether people are even interested in this product. Seth assures him that people are indeed interested; however, they haven’t started buying it yet. 

The duo then explains that the cost of producing a packet of ten pouches is 79 cents. These packets are sold to wholesale retailers for $2.99 and sold to customers for $5.99.

When asked about profits, the duo explained that this current year was followed by revenue of $110,000; however, they were still not in profit. How come? Well, the duo had suffered a loss of $100,000 just the previous year in 2013. 

They elaborate that they had received a massive order with specific instructions for packaging. But alas, there was an issue in the shipment due to which they had to rescind the order.

What was the issue?

Well, the client requested a film containing a tablet of bottle bright. However, some moisture seeped through the packaging during the shipment and ruined the bottle bright. This terrible loss set them back by $100,000.

Finally, the duo states that they have only earned a profit of $85,000 in total. 

After this shocking reveal, Kevin says that the business is a losing deal and advises them to dump it when they can—he backs out of the deal.

Robert accuses them of not showing a single proof that consumers are actually willing to purchase this product. He is skeptical about its demand as people already have a way of dealing with dirty bottles.

To make Bottle Bright work, he would have to introduce this new concept and convince the consumers to choose it. He is skeptical about changing the minds of consumers, and so he backs out as well. 

Barbara brings up the issue of the lost $100,000 and says that she would rather see the numbers go up than down. Having said her piece, she, too, backs out of the deal.

Mark comments that the duo had a good idea which they molded into a great product. However, he also points out that the two are not a company but merely two individuals trying to make things work.

This makes them appear desperate and willing to latch onto anything that can save them. For this reason, Mark backs out. 

Fortunately for the duo, Lori disagrees with the other sharks and actually wants to help them. She realizes that Bottle bright can be a great upcoming product and wants to chip in.

Since Lori collaborates with Bed, Bath and Beyond, she plans to bring this product to the store, amongst others. 

She makes an offer of $75,000 for a return of 35% in equity, provided that the money will go towards purchase orders and not administrative expenses.

The duo counters this offer with $75,000 for 25%, making Kevin laugh. Lori then makes a final offer of $75,000 for 33.3%, which the duo finally accepts. 

Final Deal: Lori Greiner invests $75,000 for a 33.3% stake in Bottle Bright.

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What happened to Bottle Bright after Shark Tank?

Bottle bright seems to have done quite well after Lori’s investment. They sold the product in popular chains such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

In 2016, Bottle bright went into business with Hydrapak, a company that creates reliable and soft flasks. Bottle bright has also collaborated with Clean in Kind, a charitable company that offers bottle bright to underdeveloped countries.

Bottle Bright Latest Update

Bottle Bright is currently sold at $5.99 for a pack of 10. Also, any purchase of Hydrapak products comes with a free sample of Bottle Bright. 

Today, Bottle bright is a popular product used by fitness junkies, health buffs, physical trainers, etc. Despite the difficult beginnings, Bottle bright has survived and made it a useful product in demand.

Is Bottle Bright still in Business? 

The answer is a definite yes! After Lori’s investment, Bottle bright has seen a string of successes and has made its way into the health and fitness market. 

It has tapped into its reach of consumers and is growing over the years at a steady rate. The Bottle bright website is filled with positive reviews and comments as well. The product’s tagline is that they can clean bottles without any soap or actual scrubbing. 

It’s amazing just how close this handy product came to being scrapped and thrown off the wagon. However, despite all odds, Bottle bright has survived and continues to make its way to consumers worldwide.